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Get a Site

What is left to say? We can offer you your very own website. Okay, you like the idea but want to know what all comes with it.. right? Well, Impressed ,We are, that you are a thrifty shopper and just for that thirst of knowledge that you’ve shown, we are going to give you the site for 1/2 off… WHAT!!!

Yep, half off.. just because you searched a little deeper: looked a little harder. Thank you for that. So, okay, what comes with this deal? take a look below.

You get:

  1. Over 48,533 plugins from WordPress.org
  2. There are thousands of WordPress themes available for FREE.
  3. Create a community, sporting, charity, dating, classifieds, business or article site. Many more than that too.
  4. A free sub-domain name. (freemanenterprises us/ YOURNAME HERE) Unless you want it to read like this: (YOURNAME HERE.freemanenterprises us/yourname heretoo)
  5. A free email account with that domain name
  6. 10 free forwarded email addresses (incoming only)
  7. Basic support when you need it via ticketed responses.

With all this at your fingertips and no one else online that’ll do as much for so little cash, how can you say no.

50_perc_offOR D E R   T O D A Y !



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